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11 Responses to “time: 00:07.37”

  1. Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita says:

    Wow! So will 10.04 really get a 10 second boot on dell mini 10?

  2. David says:

    That was on a Core2 Duo. Somehow I don’t think an Atom will come close.

  3. David says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to sound so cynical. Just watched the video, and was blown away. And judging by the boot chart, there’s still room for improvement. Great work!

  4. Harsh says:

    Is this a vanilla gnome(not xfce) lucid alpha 3 installation?

  5. @Marco I really don’t know; I’m not part of Foundations team that did all the work
    @David I’d say disk is what brings you good results
    @Harsh vanilla gnome? Other then adding icons to panel and changing background, there’s nothing else I did. And I haven’t just installed it to record the move, it’s an upgrade from Karmic, desktop I use daily

  6. Antoine says:

    Great News!
    Thks for sharing!

  7. Martin says:

    Wow! I didn’t even start counting and it already booted the whole thing!

  8. TREllis says:

    What disk do you have? SSD?

  9. TREllis says:

    My bad… found this in your previous post “Hardware: Lenovo X200s with Mushkin Europe 2 120GB SSD instead of default Seagate 5000rpm disk.”

    I also rock an x200, so SSD could be the way

  10. Tomáš says:

    Ante: I suppose you have an SSD?

  11. @Tomas Yes, Mushkin Europe 2 120GB.