There have been many people claiming Linux didn’t pass 1% market share. There have been many people claiming Linux users are geeks that don’t go out.

prikaz_zaslonaThat green over there is – Linux.

Website is about – adventure sports.


15 Responses to “1%?”

  1. Stefan says:

    Linux users like adventure sports!!!


  2. Dmitrijs Ledkovs says:

    That’s right geeks check out what adventure sports are over the internet and never actually do it =) *KIDDING*

  3. Dmitrijs, well, actually, time on site numbers prove you wrong – Linux number are even higher. Funny thing is that Mac, in that case, falls bellow 5%.

  4. Marcus says:

    Without context, this isn’t saying much.
    If you count sheer numbers on MS Technet, you get about 99% Windows,
    if you look at Ubuntu forums, you’ll have 95% Linux.
    Neither of those numbers say anything about market share. Neither can you from “a website about adventure sports”.

  5. Marcus context is non-computer related web site. Web site about adventure sports. There’s no single number that will tell you market share, but visitors of non-computer related website tell much more and more accurate than visitors of Ubuntu forums or Microsoft TechNet, which are biased.

  6. Jef Spaleta says:

    What is the time frame over which those stats are collected? Can you produce a month-to-month trending graph for say the last year?

  7. Stefan says:

    As long as there is growth it’s good thing!

    Windows unfortunately remains platform number one and who knows if Linux will ever catch up…

  8. ethana2 says:

    How much is Ubuntu and how much is everything else?

  9. @Jef – it’s only last 6 months
    @ethana2 – can’t tell, but that yellow is Android

  10. Jeremy Bicha says:

    Which website is this? Perhaps what you really mean is that Linux is relatively popular in Croatia?

  11. Jef Spaleta says:


    No way to provide a month to month trend? It will be interesting to watch the Android line in particular over the next 3 or 4 months. Is iOS separated out?


  12. djohnston says:

    “Marcus context is non-computer related web site.”

    What website is it?

  13. What site were these figures collected from? And what’s the daily traffic

  14. Roshan says:

    Sounds reasonable to me. All the people I know using Linux are those who are least averse to leaving their comfort zone to find something new and interesting.

  15. @All I can’t tell you what site it is but I can say that it’s not high traffic volume site (more than 10, less than 100 unique daily visitors).
    @Either there weren’t iOS visitors or it is just displayed as Macintosh (orange).