No to 16:9 laptops

Dear laptop manufacturers, I will not buy your laptop if it’s screen display ratio is 16:9.

I have no words for a person that came up with an idea of 12.*” 16:9 display.

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6 Responses to “No to 16:9 laptops”

  1. Which resolution/ratio would you like to have? I’ve just bought an Asus 1215P that is 16:19 and 12.1” I find it perfect and so nice :)

  2. I’d like 19:10, if 4:3 is not an option any more. Asus 1215P might be a nice device, but I don’t consider it a laptop. Right now I have Thinkpad X200s. It’s a wonderful device. It’s not a netbook, it’s a powerful, compact and very light machine. It’s not a DVD player; it’s my workstation. I spend 12+ hours/day working on that laptop; netbooks are not built for that. I also don’t want 17″ displays; I’m ready to pay for what I want and I’m aware it’s not cheap. But it’s a requirement for my type of work. If market doesn’t offer 4:3 or 19:10 (notice that x200s is of exact size as A4 format), I’ll just continue using it until it dies. Once again, I use my laptop for work, not to watch movies.

  3. Jerry Amod says:

    I’ve got a 16:9 laptop, 15″ or so diagonal, runs Unity fine. Lots of space on the side of the screen for that intrusive launcher to pop up on – consgtantly. Anyway, Acer 5253 cost me $289 + shipping. Some internet videos use the wide screen…..


  4. davorin says:

    For this and many other reasons, I’m switching to Mac.

  5. Ryan says:

    Please enlighten us if you find any sources of non-widescreen laptops. They’re really hard to find.

  6. aim says:

    The problem is not 16:9

    the problem is resolution.

    Why, WHY everybody do 1366×768?! With 15 (!!!!!) inch screen.

    I got 1600×900 and 14” screen and its fine. The 15” can have 1920×1080.