Call for testing: Cluster components of Ubuntu 10.04

There was a discussion, at the last UDS, about cluster stack in Ubuntu 10.04 and later. Blueprint is located here. According to that spec, I’ve created packages for cluster-glue, cluster-agents, heartbeat, corosync, openais, pacemaker, keepalived, drbd and redhat-cluster.

Some of these packages are based on stuff Martin Loschwitz did and some are merged from Debian. Most of them have serious changes in packaging, but all of them are latest upstream version (except keepalived).

Now that those are packaged, we need help with testing. So, please, help us test those components. Choose redhat-cluster or pacemaker as a cluster stack. Combine with DRBD, KVM or Xen and try to break them. In a day or two, I’ll set up a wiki page with configuration instructions for these tools, so anybody could test it. Input from upstream is also welcome.

Packages are located at ubuntu-ha PPA:

Packages are created only for 10.04, Ubuntu Lucid Lynx.

2 Responses to “Call for testing: Cluster components of Ubuntu 10.04”

  1. Michael Schwartzkopff says:


    I would like to test it. Please tell how to install a 10.04 version to test the cluster package? Thanks.

  2. There are 10.04 alpha2 images. You could download it and install on hardware on inside KVM. Instructions for cluster testing is here:

    Images are here: