Is this for real?

When I was in high school, during IT classes we worked with DOS, WordPerfect for DOS and BASIC. When my sister showed me her school textbook ‘Information technologies for gymnasium’, I was expecting tons of Windows screenshots. But, I was surprised. Look at those:

Wow! Not only there are Ubuntu screenshots and big Wilber, no… The textbook explains what is Open Source, what are proprietary operating systems. You can even find words like FreeBSD, NetBSD, EXT2, EXT3, UFS :) They equally provide space for Microsoft Windows Vista, XP and Ubuntu Linux (no MacOSX). Granted, in the office section, they explain how to work with MS Office tools, but they acknowledge existence of, quoting ‘We were attracted by Microsoft Office 2007 and’, providing links to (on each chapter about office tools) and manuals.

And that big Wilber isn’t just to fill in space – they actually have 10 pages long ‘manual’ on how to use basic GiMP tools! There’s no Photoshop section in the book. Only GiMP for bitmap editing – and it’s even provided on the DVD shipped with the book.

Gvozadnović, Ikica, Kos, Miljaš, Srnec, Sekulić-Štivčević, Zvonarek (authors of the textbook) – you really surprised me and kudos for this great textbook. If you can read Croatian, take a look at

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  1. ethana2 says:


  2. Søren says:

    That’s wonderful!

    I wish we had anything remotely similar here in Denmark, but we are still very much Microsoft country :(


  3. ulrik says:

    That’s the most positive open source-related thing I’ve seen for a very long time! Something like: One linux-friendly schoolbook is worth more than 1000 feature-packed software release announcements.

  4. gabriele vidali says:

    hope they’re not going to introduce openoffice/Anaphraseus during foreign language courses :-D
    what about android ? any sign of replacing PSP/DS/etc… crap ?

  5. vauge says:

    My daughter uses Open Office because that is what they taught her last year in High School. We live in Texas.

    “All her friends are running Ubuntu”. Her words.

    Yes, it is very much real and here in the US as well. :)

  6. truzicic says:

    Heh, when I was in “gymnasium”, books were filled with Microsoft crap… Nothing more existed than Word, Excel and stuff… Thank god things are changing…

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  8. Mohan says:

    Wow this is excellent! People need to know that there are other alternative good OS out there. :)

  9. Tommy.S says:

    I hope the book explains the operating systems are the Linux and *BSD kernels and not the view what you see on the screen and definitely the Ubuntu is not the operating system but the software system and distribution of Linux operating system (= kernel) . It just would help a lot them to later learn how the computers works and how they can use the open source later on their life to make every ones lives better!

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  11. Just a note: this isn’t textbook about Ubuntu. It’s a textbook about IT for gymnasium. This is first textbook that teaches principals of GUI, a not operating system it self. That’s why there are Windows and Ubuntu screenshots. They are showing differences, but in the end, it is the same GUI.

    @Tommy.S I wouldn’t like textbook for gymnasium (people that actually don’t care about computers) to be so detailed. They already go, imho, to far talking about NetBSD and VMS :) And, yeah, I believe Ubuntu is operating system, and Linux is just kernel; in the same way we call Windows operating system, and not kern32.dll, ntfs.dll, etc…

  12. shane says:

    I was just as surprised when I went to India in 2008 and they had an educational program on general computer use where Linux (Gnome DE) and other OSS tools were well covered. The computing landscape will definitely be very different for the kids of today.

  13. Tommy.S says:

    @Ante Karamatić

    “And, yeah, I believe Ubuntu is operating system, and Linux is just kernel; in the same way we call Windows operating system, and not kern32.dll, ntfs.dll, etc…”

    Then it is pure misinformation and makes the whole purpose of free information useless because we want to make shortcuts on information what does not base any truth. The Windows is the software system and it’s operating system is the NT and the NT has a microkernel kernel32.dll what is not a operating system because it is just a microkernel and not monolithic. There is differenced on the operating system structures.

    If you first tell that cows can fly and you show people a movie with well done visual effects where cows are flying, you have much harder time to tell afterwards that is not true, cows can not fly and it was just done for making things easier to learn.

    The “Ubuntu is the operating system and Linux is just a kernel” is that flying cow.
    You never need to spend more than few lines to tell that “Linux is a monolithic kernel what makes it a operating system, do not mistake it to the software system what you see on the monitor”. Nothing more is not needed to tell than just the truth so they can later use that truth to solve their problems. Otherwise we can start calling every program application like browsers to be a different OS because they allow other applications (web apps) to be ran on the computers (hardware).

    The teaching books should always be based to truth and when it comes to the science, like computer science. They need to be based to that and not what most people (who do not know how the computer works, like they do not know what is a cow) believes or what marketing propaganda like MS, Canonical and GNU spreads “Linux is just a kernel like microkernel and not a operating system”.

    Would ubuntu people be happy if Ubuntu would be called closed source and made by microsoft and novell on some book and then later when it woudl be asked to be corrected, the answer would just be that is the way how we call windows and mac osx and ubuntu is same and not a software system or any other technical term?

    We only can build freedom when we tell the truth and we do not make shortcuts to give that knowledge what leads to understanding. Thats why we spend years for studying basic things (math, poetry, languages, physics, chemistery, history) so we can use those basic things together to understand what is surrounding as, learning from the past and make better future. Ubuntu is doing big harm with their “Ubuntu is not a Linux, linux is just a kernel and not operating system” mentality for next negerations who are just taking first steps using computers. This Ubuntu mentality is like MS FUD campaing against Linux. You give wrong information in the begin and later you can control your users more easier way. Saying Linux is not a monolithic kernel what makes it a operating system – not just a kernel – what Ubuntu use, is like trying to twist the math, physics or chemistery that 7+7 is 77 and not 14. Later it is much harder to actually use the information to build more complex calculations when the basic things have gone totally wrong.

    When we teach our childrends, it is the first time when it is the only correct time to tell how things really is, not after many years when they have used that information to build their own opinions and understanding what reflects other things than the truth. Thats why learning history, from all sides how they have written it, not just from winning side, is so important that we can avoid same mistakes.

    GDM does not start, is it fault of operating system or possible GDM itself? Person who does not know technoly, blame Linux (kernel) from that while the problem most likely exist somewhere else on GDM or X configs.

    Firefox does not start, is it fault of operating system or possible Firefox itself? Person who does not know technology, blame linux (kernel) from that while the problem most likely exist on firefox configs.

    Other person use Gnome and other use XFCE, do they use different operating systems? Person who does not know technology, believes they are two different operating systems and not two different desktop environments ran by linux (kernel) operating system.

    GIMP has not function X, is the missing feature GIMP’s problem or Firefox or even Gnomes problem? Why we would like to tell here that they are two different applications and they have different meanings when we can not allow same thing to be told about Linux kernel that it is the operating system because it is monolithic kernel?

    The freedom comes from truth. Technology is very clear without any philosophy or ethics that monolithic kernel is the operating system while microkernel is not but needs other OS parts (modules/servers) what are located other part of address space like what is the status of Hurd operating system what’s microkernel is GNU Mach.

    If we lie to ourselfs, we never can offer the freedom because next generations are making judgement based misinformation and the one who offers most likely nicest sounding explenations, have the control of masses. It is like history what is written by winner and who deletes the history of the lost side, making it the only bad side.

  14. scott says:

    thats pretty good for a school affording such a new book. My college courses are now turning into linux favored professors. They dont mention windows or mac even though mac is bsd, but ya. Our operating systems course has been all about unix and linux and how the os the book doesnt mention microsoft or apple anywhere. Then my c++ course, he has tried to force the students to vnc into a linux server with an windows maker being as ugly as possible. I decided not to do that and use the provided computer in front of me for code::blocks and havea nice gui but ya, it shows that linux is taking over and for the good too. :)

  15. qubodup says:


    /me found out via #freegamer thanks to a guy who found out via #ubuntu it seems

  16. capricornus says:

    Why is it always an OR/OR question? Here at my/our home, there are 7 pc’s running in DualBoot. We know what the dis/advantages of each OS are. For my daughter, there is no thing like Hotmail/Live-thing, and she uses WinXP. But when it comes to here banking safety, she will use Mint7. Same for my wife. She, as a college teacher needs WinXP and uses Mint7 in a very balanced way. That is; a WIN/WIN-situation. So our next generation must be taught how to use the best of both worlds.